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I don’t really want to pull a discord admin so I’ll keep this simple…

Here’s a few rules from PSO2’s Official Discord that I think would well if applied in this space.

  • No harassment of other players. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, etc. are never allowed.
  • Keep personal drama out of chat. Harassment in chat or DMs is never allowed regardless of how you feel about others.
  • Use spoiler tags when appropriate.
  • Respect the Terms of Service & Guidelines of both Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and Discord.

Rule Extensions

… ngl that’s pretty much it. I don’t really look forward to moderating, so I trust that everyone here is a reasonable human being. If you’d like to help out with moderation here, lmk!

Transparency (mainly for those new to fedi)

As I’m hosting this myself, I technically have access to everyone’s emails as they sign up. Same goes with any traffic that goes to and from this website. Same goes of course for any files that are uploaded here, as well as notes that are marked as private.

Will I ever look at any of this? No. If you don’t trust me in regards to stuff like that, it’s totally understandable. I hope you’re able to, though.

I will keep emails as requried for sign-up, as I think it’s a good anti-spam measure (given how certain people in the PSO2 community can be sometimes lol), but if you think I should take it off, just lmk.

also quick sidenote, I swear there was like this really good “fediverse code of conduct” thing I saw at some point. If someone has a link to that, send it to me xD

any issues or questions? contact

twitter: @jojobii_